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Suggestions for Class Activities[1][edit]

Kinds of events[edit]

A number of different types of events were suggested:

  • “Underground” tour;
  • Harvard groups touring events (Glee Club, Pudding);
  • Pot luck at a classmates home;
  • Centered around book signings or other events related to classmates achievements
  • Drinks after sports/music events on campus
  • Raffle of books by classmates (free tickets for attendees)
  • Mini reunion in Puerto Rico
  • Piggy back on other events
    • Harvard/Yale game
    • Pudding
    • Pops (with 25th class)
    • Return to Harvard Day
    • Arts First
    • Sports events- hockey, basketball, etc
    • Alumni spread (bagged lunch, near Dudley House) preceding the Afternoon Exercises
    • Sources for information about events


  • HAA Lounge/conference rooms
  • Restaurants (private room, or public area)
  • Harvard clubs
  • Faculty club
  • Theatre room at the Faculty club (cheaper than private room)
  • Hilles penthouse
  • Queens Head Pub
  • Information about Harvard locations

Location difficulties[edit]

  • Many locations require a room charge, including Harvard locations
  • Many require advance deposits
  • Harvard clubs not open to non-members


  • Set up a committee that meets at the reunion and plans for events for the coming years;
  • HAA Events
  • Postcards
  • Email
  • Add Yo Yo Ma to your class
  • Send out one attention-getting mailing to inspire classmates and get email addresses, for example, enclose a CD, book or umbrella
  • System to call classmates
  • Web-sites
  • Wiki

Communication difficulties[edit]

  • High cost of mailings
  • Classes who do not use email widely
  • Classes don’t have direct access of email lists, and HAA staff time restrictions at reunion times
  • Most sites now have Web sites but, in general, they don't get much traffic except around reunion time.


  • Plan Free events
  • Get a class budget established at your reunion (’78 does this and allocates $ for start-up costs). This is also a good time to get a list of volunteers. Enthusiasm is high at that point.
  • Informal lunches
  • Find a classmate with deep pockets
  • Establish a class bank account which can be used for up-front deposits. This fund can be generated by a sponsoring classmate, raffle, classmate art or books, silent auction, or surplus from events.

Finance Difficulties[edit]

  • Private rooms at restaurants require a deposit or a credit card;
  • Some events require upfront dollars;
  • Setting up a class bank account- what tax id number? Legal costs.
  • Gaining non-profit status for the bank account.
  • Who has access? Class government issues.


  • Access to email lists
  • Info on how to send a questionnaire
  • HAA lists sorted by geographical locations; also by occupation


  1. Generated at the Fall'08 Classes and Reunions Committee meeting.

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