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To specify an alternate home page for logged-in users go to Joomla->Extensions->Plugins manager and click on System - Alternative Home. By enabling this module and specifying the home page for logged on users, you can arrange to have a simple home page for visitors and then use your actual front page for logged-on users.

This is more complicated than it sounds. Here's what you have to do:

  • Create a menu called "Hidden" but do not assign it to mod_mainmenu when you create it, so it won't display;
  • Create a menu item on the "Hidden" menu called "Classmate Home" with a menu item type of Front Page;
  • Create an article called "Open home", which is the home page for un-registered users;
  • Change the type of the "Home" menu item under the "Main" menu to "Article" layout and point it to the "Open home" article;
  • Go to the plugin manager and click on System - Alternative Home. Set the alternative home menu item to "Classmate Home" and activate the plugin.

Now, unregistered users should see the "Open home" page and logged-in, registered users should see the front page.

WARNING: I have this working but there are still some glitches I haven't ironed out. In particular the format of the Classmates Home page doesn't seem right immediately after registering. Once you click on the "Home" menu it is fine. I will amend these instructions once I work this out - WHB

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