How to Create a New Album

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Joomla->Components->Exposeprive->Manage Albums

Here you will find links both for configuration and to the Album Manager. (You have a separate password for Exposeprive. It was in your original documentation. If you have lost it, email Bill Bean []

Once you are on the Album Manager page (labelled "expose4") you can use the various controls to create/delete albums and to upload photographs.

When you add photographs to an album, the "Title" will always appear with the photograph; the "Location" is really a description field that will appear to the right of the title in a smaller font.

The "Description" field floats below or on top of the photograph, depending on which size you are viewing. In the full-sized view, the description field fades after a few seconds.

Warning: When you change the Description, you have to right click in the box that contains the description and select "Apply description changes" or the program won't save your work.

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