Classes and Reunions Committee Members

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Thomas E. Black AB ‘66 Committee Chair Lincoln, MA
David C. Schlakman AB ‘76 Committee Vice Chair Rowayton, CT
Kelly S. Abell O’Shea AB ’02 Committee Co-chair Boston, MA
Adela C. Acevedo AB ‘01 Committee Member Dubai, United Arab Emirates
William H. Bean AB ’65 Committee Member Cambridge, MA
Michele Blanc CM ’07 Staff
Cristina C. Blau AB ‘87 Committee Member Concord, MA
Julia H. Cavanaugh AB `96, EDM `01 Committee Member Watertown, MA
Robin Chase AB `76 Committee Member Hartford, CT
Doris A. Cole AB ‘59, MAR ‘63 Appointed Director Cambridge, MA
Emilie R. de Brigard AB ‘64 Committee Member New York, NY
Chris Duble AB ‘75 Committee Member Lowell, MA
C. Wilson DuBose AB ’71 Committee Member Madison, GA
Raine M. Figueroa AB ‘84, MBA ‘91 Committee Member Cambridge, MA
Frederick V. Fortmiller AB ‘51, MBA ‘53 Committee Member Wellesley, MA
D. Mercedes Franklin DMD ‘74, PD ‘76 Appointed Director New York, NY
Catherine A. Gellert AB ‘93 Elected Director New York, NY
Julie A. Gladstone AB ‘89 Appointed Director West Newton, MA
Martin J. Grasso Jr. AB ‘78 Appointed Director Swampscott, MA
Michelle Grdina Staff
Nathaniel B. Guild AB `73 Committee Chair Concord, MA
David F. Hannon AB `65 Committee Member Cambridge, MA
Rodney D. Hardy AB `60 Committee Member Edina, MN
Charles C. Hewitt III AB `71 Committee Member Dedham, MA
Alexandra B. Houck AB `87 Committee Member Belmont, MA
Joseph K. Hurd Jr. AB `60, MD `64 Appointed Director Wellesley, MA
Susan J. Israel AB `81, MAR `86 Committee Member Newton, MA
Michael C. Kempner AB `78 Committee Member New York, NY
Harold J. Keohane AB ‘60, LLB ‘64 Committee Member Belmont, MA
Bryce S. Klempner AB ‘00, JD ‘07 Appointed Director Cambridge, MA
Victor A. Koivumaki III AB ‘68 Committee Member Lancaster, MA
Richard I. Kopelman AB ‘70 Appointed Director Natick, MA
Edward M. Kovachy Jr. AB ‘68, MBA ‘71, JD ‘72 Appointed Director Menlo Park, CA
Fernando R. Laguarda AB ‘88 Appointed Director Washington, DC
Kenneth S. Ledeen AB ‘67 95 Committee Member Concord, MA
Benjamin N. Levy AB ‘69, MAT ‘72 Appointed Director Somerville, MA
Sarah E. Lewis AB `01 Committee Member New Haven, CT
Randolph C. Lindel AB ‘66 Committee Co-chair Cambridge, MA
Timothy P. McCarthy AB ’93 Committee Member Cambridge, MA
Joshua M. Mendelsohn AB ‘05 Committee Co-chair Palo Alto, CA
Edward J. Notis-McConarty AB ‘73 Committee Member West Newton, MA
Diana C. Nygren AB ‘90 Appointed Director Brookline, MA
Janet Pearl AB ‘87 Committee Member Wellesley, MA
Michael J. Roberts AB ‘79, MBA ‘83, DBA ‘86 Committee Member Boston, MA
Steven P. Rosenthal AB ‘79 Appointed Director Marblehead, MA
Gerald S. Savitsky AB ‘70, JD ‘73 Appointed Director Cambridge, MA
H. Marshall Schwarz AB ‘58, MBA ’61 Appointed Director New York, NY
Wallace E. Sisson AB ‘57 Committee Member Milton, MA
John D. Spooner AB ’59 Appointed Director Boston, MA
Enid M. Starr AB ‘51, HRP ’52 Committee Member Chestnut Hill, MA
Donna Gibson Stone AB ‘66 Committee Member Topsfield, MA
Diana Townsend-Butterworth AB ‘60 Appointed Director New York, NY
Cynthia M. Travis AB ‘59 Committee Member San Francisco, CA
Stephen S. Weddle AB ‘60 Appointed Director Chappaqua, NY
Richard B. White AB ‘75 Committee Member Chesterfield, MO