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Webmaster’s Workshop[edit]

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Held: Monday March 23rd at 6:00–8:00 PM
Quincy House Senior Common Room
17 Plympton Street, off Mt. Auburn Street

What: A workshop for Class Webmasters organized by Ben Levy and Ken Ledeen. We will talk about the requirements for an outstanding Class Website; the approaches other classes have taken; and, we will introduce the Class Website Template, a new resource for Webmasters that allows them to easily and quickly put up a fully-functional, extensible Website. This is also a great opportunity to get to know your fellow Webmasters and to find out what’s been tried and what worked. We hope to continue the conversation with future sessions.

Some outstanding sites to look at: Here are some great class Websites to look at. (Please, this is not a complete list, don’t be offended by our ignorance if your site isn’t included!)

Class of '66 Class of '69

Class of '71 Class of '72

Class of '73 Class of '77

Class of '83 Class of '89

The Class Website Template: You can see what a new, empty, site looks like at Class Web Template. Log in with the user name 'TestUser' and the password 'letmein'.

In addition to the site itself, which you can see, there is a complete "back end" for administration and content control. There is also documentation on the HAA Wiki. (Look in the “Webmaster’s Corner” at HAA Bestpractices Wiki.)

The site has lots of features, including:

  • Classmate registration
  • Classmate information and photograph
  • Private email between classmates
  • Google map showing where classmates live
  • Photo galleries
  • Lists of classmates who have said they will attend a reunion

All of these (and other) features can be easily turned on and off to suit the needs of a particular class. But the most important point is that the site is built on free/very cheap software that is designed to be used by human beings. You don't have to be a computer geek to add or edit content on the site.

How to sign up: If you’d like to join us for this FREE workshop please contact Ben Levy at 617-625-6639 or BenLevy@post.harvard.edu. You can also contact Bill Bean at 617-864-6813 or bill@spillthebeans.org.

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