Fall Reunion Overview

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The fall reunions begin on a Thursday evening in September, October or November (usually a football weekend) and continue into the weekend, concluding either on Saturday night or on Sunday following a morning brunch. Some held on a three-day weekend (e.g. Columbus Day) have been extended through Monday. (Extending beyond two days was deemed very important by a majority of those polled who needed to travel a long-distance to Cambridge.)

A reunion is a combination of social and intellectual events, and affords the possibility of interaction with current students and faculty. Free time should be included in the schedule for classmates to meet informally. The schedule should also enable women in the class to participate in Radcliffe-specific events held during this time. It is also a good idea to plan a particular time for the Radcliffe class to meet separately, if that is something they wish to do.

On Thursday, a low-key evening event is usually scheduled for those classmates who have already arrived or live nearby. The Friday afternoon reunion schedule is flexible, but the can include attending classes, lunch in the dining halls, a Memorial Service, tours, symposia, etc. Most classes leave late Friday afternoon open, since the greatest number of classmates will arrive Friday afternoon and evening.

Because of travel uncertainties, the Friday night social event is usually an open-ended buffet lasting a several hours, rather than a sit-down dinner at a set time. This gives classmates time to meet and talk informally.

Saturday's schedule may include a morning class meeting, memorial service, and/or symposium. Lunch can be an indoor picnic followed by a football game and/or an alternate program for non-sports fans. The Saturday afternoon event is really the only reunion event that is appropriate for children.

Saturday evening is a time when classes can have dinner at either an on-campus or off-campus site, usually followed by entertainment and dancing. Most reunions conclude on Saturday night, but some classes have held successful Sunday brunches and even on Monday.

The reunions offer considerable room for a variety of events within the three and one half days available to the reunion committee. The following sample schedule is only a guide to the committee's creativity.