Fall Children at Reunions

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A Harvard and Radcliffe reunion is a series of events for adults in an urban college environment. Most reunion events are not suitable for children or of interest to them. Most reunion committees do, however, schedule an outing day as a family event on Saturday afternoon. This event can be designed to appeal to children of all ages and, additionally, gives classmates an opportunity to introduce their entire family to each other.

The reunion committee may wish to investigate additional short-term day care arrangements (see Appendix iii), but it is likely that such arrangements will be difficult to secure and that the demand, although usually quite vocal, will be too low to warrant the effort. If there is interest, however, one or two classmates should be designated as contacts to facilitate this process. If the demand is great and you have a committee member that is clearly willing to embrace, investigate, and implement more elaborate child care provisions, it is possible but complicated. The designated committee member should get in touch with the HAA directly. The HAA will provide an outline of steps that must be taken to insure that all of the right things are being done before a supplemental childcare program can be offered.

The HAA does not have the staff available to implement supplemental childcare programs that go beyond the normal scope of your reunion.